500mL Of Messina Ice Cream Delivered For $1? Uh, YES!

Did you hear about the lady who broke up with Messina Gelato over their voicemail because they weren’t open on New Years Eve? Well, Messina sure did because they’ve gone and bloody well made a flavour, aptly called ‘Voicemail’, in her honour!

And to celebrate the totally decadent salted caramel gelato with baked cheesecake, candied macadamia nuts and hazelnut fudge ice cream, they’ve teamed up with Deliveroo in Melbourne & Sydney to deliver a 500ml tub of this heavenly flavour for just $1.

Yup, you heard me. One. Freakin’. Dollar.

So if your address is lucky enough to fall in the designated drop zone (Sydney: CBD & Inner East. Melbourne: South Yarra and Fitzroy), then hurry up and order yours because this deal only runs from 3-5pm TODAY!

To get your $1 half liter of heaven, you need to order your ice cream through the Deliveroo app or website, and obviously supplies are limited.

Messina Gelato Voicemail Deliveroo


Did you score your $1 ice cream? If so, TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT BECAUSE I WASN’T IN THE RIGHT AREA wahhhhhhhh


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