15 Plastic-Free Alternatives To Replace Your Daily Use Items

While I was living in Koh Tao, the issue of single-use plastic was prevalent. Straws & ciggie butts lined the once beautiful beach after parties, and hundreds of used plastics cups were chucked out into overflowing bins every night. Rando plastic items frequently flowed down the streets during the floods, and no plastic-free alternatives to plastic bags were available in stores.

What finally flipped the switch in my head to make pay attention to the issue? I was literally hit smack bang in the face by a rogue plastic bag at 23m deep whilst diving. Nowhere was safe from the plastic menace, and I needed to stop ignoring the fact.


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You may not have had your ‘Plastic Bag To The Face’ moment yet, but you’re reading this. And that’s a great start. The plastics that make our daily lives a little easier are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, destroying our world. From polluting our oceans in face sized plastic bag chunks. To breaking down to micro-plastics and infiltrating even the smallest aquatic creature’s diet, the problem is endemic worldwide.

The thing that people seem to forget when they get a straw in their G&T or a plastic bag at the shops is that it’s totally avoidable. Sure,
plastic-free alternatives can take a little getting used to. And some are a little more expensive than the ‘easy’ versions. But when the time comes, wouldn’t you like to know that you did everything you could to save our home?

So next time you go to grab a new plastic toothbrush or replace an empty shampoo bottle, consider the plastic-free alternatives. If you start with these 15 plastic-free alternatives to replace your daily use items, you’re a champ. And wherever possible, try to buy locally! This saves on the inevitable plastic packaging that haunts so many of our online purchases.

No more cups

It’s so easy to pick up a coffee whilst you’re on the run. But with a bit of foresight this daily occurrence can cause the world a lot less pain. Bringing a plastic-free alternative coffee cup to a cafe is so common these days that you’ll probably get judged if you don’t.

Coffee mug: Canada/US | Australia
Coffee cup: Canada/US | Australia

Chop the chop sticks

The plastic utensils you use for your take away or work lunches really start to add up after a while. So why not carry around your own bamboo utensils & straw? They come in a sweet little pouch so they won’t be floating around the bottom of your bag.

Bamboo cutlery set: Canada/US | Australia

Make plastic bags extinct

You’ve got to know by now that plastic shopping bags are the devil. So much so that many supermarkets, and even entire cities, have banned them entirely. So keep your plastic-free alternative shopping bag in your car so you don’t forget them next time.

Reusable shopping bags: Canada/US | Australia

Don’t be that person

Buying a plastic water bottle is right up there on the ‘you’ll get the stink eye from a stranger’ list. So if that’s something that frequently happen to you, why not buy a reusable water bottle instead? There’s a heap of options out there, and they don’t leak these days.

Reusable water bottle: Canada/US | Australia

Box it up

Bringing a pre-made lunch to work is an awesome idea. But you’re doing yourself a disservice if it’s transported in a plastic sandwich bag or wrap. Grab yourself a metal lunch or bento box, and it’ll pay itself off faster than you can say “plastic-free alternative ” (well, nearly…).

Metal bento box: Canada/US | Australia

Snack attack

Bringing things like nuts of berries with you on the go are great for snacking. But a plastic-free alternative doesn’t exist, right? Wrong! There are a heap of good looking and great functioning snack pockets out there, so go get a few for your portable nom-noms.

Reusable snack pouches: Canada/US | Australia

All wrapped up

Wrapping food to go in the fringe has always been Gladwrap’s job (or saranwrap/cling film for you heathens). But that’s the case no longer. Beeswax food wraps are insanely awesome, reusable, and surprisingly airtight. If you can’t be bothered to make your own, there are some great options available.

Beeswax food wrap: Canada/US | Australia

Brusha brusha brusha

Toothbrushes are supposed to be replaced every 3 months. So if you make it to the ripe age of 80, you’ve thrown out 320 non-degradable toothbrushies in your lifetime. Bamboo versions are the way to go. Currently there is no 100% biodegrade bristle technology available (apart from pigs bristles…. but yuck). In the mean time, clever cookies like Brush with Bamboo are using bristles made from 62% castor bean oil.

Bamboo tooth brush: Canada/US | Australia

Floss in style

You know your dentist knows you’re lying when you tell him you floss every day, right? But regardless, most of us do use floss on at least the odd occasion. So use one that has packaging and floss that’s biodegradable if possible. The price is still a little steep, so hopefully more company’s get on board with the idea ASAP.

Dental floss: Canada/US | Australia

Why woodn’t you

Although we don’t power through hairbrushes at the rate that we do something like toothbrushes, there’s absolutely no reason you need a plastic one. So grab a wooden one, and you’ll have it for bloody ages.

Wooden hair brush: Canada/US | Australia

Stank free pits

This is probably the hardest plastic item for many to let go of, and for good reason. Bar versions of deodorant have a long way to come, but already there are some solid alternatives out there.

Bar deodorant: Canada/US | Australia

Scrub those follicles

There are shampoo bar alternatives to your classic supermarket plastic bottle of shampoo now. And to be honest, they’re often better than the plastic bottled options.

Bar shampoo: Canada/US | Australia

Silky smooth locks

Conditioner can be a sore point for many people, but you’d be surprised by how moisturising and non-oily some of these bars can be. Your hair can take a few washes to get used to the change, but as with the shampoo bars, it’s worth it.

Bar conditioner: Canada/US | Australia

Best face forwards

There are more face cleansing bars out there than you can poke a stick at. So as with plastic bottled face wash, it’s down to trial and error to work out which you like best.

Bar face cleanser: Canada/US | Australia

Scruba scruba scruba

Soap bars aren’t those crap things that leave that a weirdly sticky residue on your skin after a good wash any more. They actually clean your body! A novel idea, I know, right?

Body soap bar: Canada/US | Australia




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