5 Goals To Achieve By The End Of The Year

In October each year, when the flowers are in bloom and the weather starts improving, I remember a little ol’ list I made in Jan. I rummage around for my New Year’s Resolutions list and find it buried under receipts and a single mitten in a drawer. And a familiar wave of panic washes over me… I’ve accomplished nothing!

After dealing with this recurring realisation year after year I decided it was finally time to get realistic. Yeah, I got busy! And stressed and overworked and all that jazz. Like many of you would have too. So not achieving enlightenment, which is pretty much what my resolutions looked like in hindsight, is forgivable.

For anyone who’s a chronic resolution beaker like me, it’s time to make more realistic short-term goals. They should be trackable, achievable and above all, rewarding. I decided to split mine up into monthly goals/increments, but if you’re playing along at home you do monthly, weekly, etc. Whichever works best for you.

To track my success I will use my Moleskine pocket diary with little reminders each week. On top of that, I’ll have a monthly check in to see how I’m going.


Create More Content

I tend to obsess over the content I create, meaning I take way too long to actually produce something. Spending hours perfecting posts, editing photos & videos ends up making me dread creating it!

It’s time to start having fun with content creation again and get these pieces published.

  • Goal Till Oct 31st: Publish 2 posts a week, edit photos on Sat/Sun & schedule all posts on Sat/Sun.
  • Goal Till Nov 30th: Publish 3 posts a week, publish 1 video a week, edit photos on Sat/Sun & schedule all posts on Sat/Sun.
  • Goal Till Dec 31st: Publish 4 posts a week, publish 2 videos a week, edit photos 1 day a week & schedule all posts 1 day a week.


Stop Fighting With Food

I have this bizarre love/hate relationship with food that I know many others suffer from too. I’m half Ukrainian and my family always joked that you can never have too much food because the Russians could invade at any moment. But it twisted my logic relating to portion control, healthy alternatives, etc.

I adore cooking and making food for friends and family, but the issue is I have next to no self-control. If something delish is in front of me, I will eat it. I need to control what’s around me, clue up friends and family about my goals, and choose healthy options.

The 8fit app has been great in assisting me with my meal and exercise planning. I’m getting my head around realistic portions, snacks, etc., and it’s very refreshing. I’ll go through an example of my weekly meals ASAP in another post, but for now, this is how I’m breaking those bad habits.

  • Goal Till Oct 31st: Plan, shop for and cook meals for the week every Sunday, write down all foods eaten & give away all (and don’t buy more!) bad foods.
  • Goal Till Nov 30th: Plan, shop for and cook meals for the week every Sunday, write down all foods eaten & don’t buy more bad foods.
  • Goal Till Dec 31st: Track what I’m eating every day to ensure it’s not going over my calorie goal.


Let’s Get Physical

Ahhh, yes, another subject I have a love/hate relationship with. I love to exercise, but because of a multitude of reasons I treat it with contempt. These include stress, injury, etc., but all are excuses. I’ll get super into exercise for a week, burn myself out and prioritise other things over it. Then low and behold it’s a month later and I haven’t done a push-up, let alone that 10k run I was aiming for!

The 8fit app has been great to get some structure into my life, but that won’t work unless I make it. So it’s time to get those daggy tights on and get sweaty.

  • Goal Till Oct 31st: 3x sessions per week of Tabata/HIIT, 2x 2-5km jogs per week & 1-2x yoga sessions at home
  • Goal Till Nov 30th: 3-4x sessions per week of Tabata/HIIT/Boxing/Muay Thai, 3-5x 3-5km jogs per week & 1-2x yoga sessions at home
  • Goal Till Dec 31st: 3-5x sessions per week of Tabata/HIIT/Boxing/Muay Thai, 4-6x 5-8km jogs per week & 1-3x yoga sessions at home


Channel My Inner Martha Stewart

Whenever I have friends over I like my house to be neat and tidy. Not a big ask, right?
An issue is I work up to 12 hour days, so having a tidy house is not possible when you combine this with my attitude towards tidying. (This also applies to the state of my car and desk at work I hesitate to add…)

Moving forward I need to form some habits around maintaining a neat space, whether it be my home, car or office. Tidy up as I go, designated basket for dirty clothes, regular dusting, etc.

Because I’m moving to Thailand at the end of November the goal looks very different for December, just in case you were wondering!

  • Goal Till Oct 31st: One room at a time do a ‘spring clean’, donating or chucking what I don’t need/want
  • Goal Till Nov 30th: Slowly pack everything into boxes, and don’t buy anything!
  • Goal Till Dec 31st: Only travel with what I will genuinely need.


Get Learned

I love learning new things but have sacrificed this to find more time to do ‘productive things’. I’ve forgotten that there’s nearly nothing more productive than growing mentally. I’ve been using ‘Medium’ to read up on subjects I generally wouldn’t explore and encourage you to check it out too. They have thousands of articles on all sorts of subjects, so you’ll be sure to find some that you enjoy. It’s also been great as a writing prompt for me, helping to get inspiration on what ideas I could expand on.

There are also thousands of free resources online for all sorts of things. For example, if you’re a LinkedIn Premium member, you have access to LinkedIn Learning (https://www.linkedin.com/learning).

  • Goal Till Oct 31st: Spend at least 15 minutes a day learning about a subject that interests me.
  • Goal Till Nov 30th: Spend 30 minutes a day researching a subject for a post.
  • Goal Till Dec 31st: Spend more than 30 minutes a day researching a subject for a post.


What are your goals you want to achieve by the end of the year? Feel free to let me know in the comments below!