7 Of The Best Travel YouTube Channels You May Not Have Heard Of


When you’re on the road a lot, you tend to cherish those rare moments of downtime. Regardless of if you’re waiting for a train or having dinner solo at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, I love using these quiet moments to turn off my brain for a second and just relax. When I have the internet, I tend to binge on my favourite travel YouTube channels, and when I’m offline, I’ll get stuck into a good book on my Kindle.

When it comes to YouTube, one of the issues I have with the platform, and especially travel YouTube channels, is how much crap it’s filled with. Endless sales-y type pitches, picture-perfect views of places, over the top ‘influencers‘ being paid to have ‘genuine’ experiences, the list goes on. So after wading through the seemingly endless piles of digital crap, I’ve stumbled upon a few travel YouTube channels that don’t grind my gears. And who, after watching an episode or ten, leave me feeling all jazzed up and rejuvenated about travelling and seeing the world. Go give these travel YouTube channels a shot next time you have some downtime, and let me know what you think.


Sailing La Vagabonde

Elena & Riley (and now their bub Lenny) are sailing around the world on their catamaran La Vagabonde. Their cheeky personalities, witty Australianisms and solid relationship, make for a binge-worthy duo (now trio I guess) to watch. I am so utterly hooked on these guys, and there’s a good reason why they top my list of the best travel YouTube channels. I don’t know if it’s them being fellow Aussies or their personalities reminding me of my mates back home. But they’re one of few travel YouTube channels which I actively look forward to watching their new episodes.


Eamon & Bec

I was surprised that these guys were the only #VanLife themed mob that made the cut. But many #VanLife travel YouTube channels seem to glorify what I know from personal experience to be a rough life sometimes. I only recently started watching these two, but so far they’re pretty damn addictive. Couple Eamon & Bec are travelling around North America in their Sprinter van, which initially started as a way to distribute their tea products in Canada. But it snowballed into them becoming one of the most popular #VanLife travel YouTube channels out there.


Tula’s Endless Summer

Yes, these guys are further fueling my fire when it comes to wanting to learn to sail. Bill, Sierra and their doggo Jetty are sailing around in their catamaran, and they’re so genuine and full of life it can’t help but make you excited for an adventure. Of all the travel YouTube channels in this list, theirs is a little less well-produced, but the content they create is really damn watchable.



DevinSuperTramp started as one dude making videos. But it quickly grew to become a group of people running one of the most popular travel YouTube channels on the internet who travel the world creating films for all sorts of reasons. My favourites are their short location-specific movies, which leave me feeling excited about travel and film making. They also work with companies like Ubisoft and create live videos for games like Assasins Creed. It’s super nerdy, and definitely not anything to do with travel YouTube channels, but hot damn I love it.


Mark Wiens

As much as I love food and travelling, so many food/travel YouTube channels rub me the wrong way. Whether it’s the over the top enthusiasm or how they often ‘Americanise’ their international interactions, they piss me off. But there’s something about Mark Wiens that I adore. Yeah, he’s enthusiastic, but in a way that gets me jazzed up and onboard. I think it’s because he’s a bit of a dag, and you want to tag along and share his enthusiasm for a nice bowl of street stew.


Indego Traveller

Nick’s a New Zealander, which means I already adore him. And his is one of my favourite vlog-style travel YouTube channels out there. They seem to be more real, more down to earth. And for me at least, that makes it really watchable and relatable. Another thing that stands out to be about the Indego Traveller is that his videos seem, from the outside at least, to be unbiased. And he tackles some pretty publicised problems head-on, so good on him.


Gareth Leonard

Gareth Leonard and his travel YouTube Channel Tourist2Townie, travels the world encouraging people to travel deeper. To not just visit places, but to live them. And this is a message that I’m 100% on board with. The thought of visiting somewhere and just ticking off the touristy boxes doesn’t appeal to me at all. So these styles of travel YouTube channels ticks a lot of boxes for me. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a babe.