About Me


Having been caught up in the rat race for over 7 years, I’m packing my bags and taking my skills global. The cools kids are calling it being a Digital Nomad, but I call it remote working from paradise.


Who am I?

Hi fonds! My name is Nikita, and I am a marketer by day and a fairly average superhero by night. Just kidding! Or am I…


  • I’m an avid amateur photographer and videographer with my trusty Canon 5D Mark III, Canon G7X Mark II & DJI Mavic Pro.
  • My favourite subjects are candid portraits of people & animals, food, landscapes, and those precious moments of time you want to cherish forever. Check out my snaps here
  • When I’m not working my ass off in my ‘IRL’ job I spend my time getting the most out of every day that I possibly can. But most of all I love helping others do the same
  • Home for me is the uber liveable city of Melbourne, Australia
  • As of Nov 24th 2017, home will be the tiny island of Koh Tao, in the Gulf of Thailand
  • When I was a kid my dream was to be a vet
  • I’ve broken more bones than I can remember
  • I love writing articles on all sorts of subjects and in all sorts of styles. This includes lifestyle, food, travel and more
  • To say I’m an animal fanatic would be the understatement of the century. I’m the sort of person that would cross 4 lanes of heavy traffic to say hi to a dog
  • I have 3 amazing horses who have forgotten that they’re horses – Charlie (full name Charlotte’s Web), Spaz (Jack Sparrow) & George. They’re rad
  • I’m obsessed with cooking. I love getting creative in the kitchen and whipping up feasts for my friends and family
  • My heritage is half Ukrainian and half Scottish – this explains my love of potatoes and high tolerance to booze!
  • I’ve travelled to nearly 40 countries and counting, and desperately want to visit them all before I kark it
  • My friends call me “The Google Queen”. That’s because if I encounter something I don’t know/fully understand, I’ll Google it till I know everything about it
  • I used to ride competitively in the equestrian sports of Show Jumping & Eventing
  • I had to stop because I broke my back after a fall at a competition. Whoopsies
  • I’ve broken my nose 3 times
  • I’ll happily embarrass myself if I know it will get a laugh from my mates



Why should you care?

A huge passion of mine is living every day to the max, and getting the most out of life – there’s just so much to see and do that it seems such a shame to waste a beautiful opportunity! I also like helping those around me to do the same and hope you are inspired by what you see and read here.

My idea of a good time ranges pretty wildly. I am an avid horse rider, reader, traveller, partier, walker, jogger, exerciser, eater & adventurer, and love learning new things and skills. From galloping along the beach to hiking Machu Picchu, reading a book in a hut in Ubud to dancing at a warehouse party with 1000 of my closest friends, I’m up for anything. My experiences and skills are varied and exciting, and I love sharing them with you.

von kita is my space to communicate all the weird, wonderful, clever and comical things I come across in my adventures, a place for me to share my thoughts and (dare I say it?) knowledge to whoever wants to read it. There will likely be some fairly crappy Dad jokes too, just because I can’t help myself.


If you are a local business or service that would like to work with me, then head on over to the Work With Me page and we’ll have a chatski.

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