About Me




After a mini-lifetime working the corporate 9-5, I’ve packed my bags and made the big move to the wide world. Melbourne, Australia is my OG hometown, but the world’s now my oyster.

Growing up surrounded by farmland, forest, and fun, I was never destined to be stuck in a high-rise or cubicle. But I did learn a thing or two from my corporate career, and those skills are helping this digital nomad explore the world in a different sorta way.



von kita came about when I realised my mates always came to me for info and inspiration on things to do in Melbourne and abroad. Where’s a good cafe in Melbourne with free internet? Should I do a tour in Macchu Picchu or go solo? How can you travel and earn money?  After dishing out all this info I realised that it’s not just my friends that wanted to know this – the people of the internet did too.

I adore researching, planning and adventuring, and the only thing that tops that is helping others travel the world. So let’s go on the crazy adventure together, and make the most of it.



If you are a local business or service that would like to work with me, then head on over to the Work With Me page and we’ll have a chatski.

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