In my circle of friends, I am known as The Google Queen.

See, I’m the sort of person that when I see, hear or experience something that I don’t quite understand, it just annoys me and picks at my brain til I finally cave and learn about the thing.

The issue is, I tend to get carried away. I remember a while ago I was watching Orange Is The New Black and a little voice in my head was like “The Soviet Union sure was a diverse thing. Wonder what countries were in it?“. Next thing I know it’s 2 am and I know more about The Former Soviet Union, the countries that formed it, the leaders that were involved, etc. than I do about how my own body functions. *somehow resists the urge to Google “How does the human body work?”* From that moment, I knew what I had become.

Like a hairy weird looking caterpillar I had disintegrated all of my important innards and, after turning them into a protein-rich innards style soup, had sprung forth into my final glorious form:

The Google Queen

My gift to you, my wonderful little internet subjects, is for you to be able to Ask Me Anything (AMA) to find out about that thing that popped into your head but you couldn’t be bothered to Google it. Just put your idle thought into the contact box below, and if it also interests me, I will research it and create a Google Queen article on the subject which you can then find here. If you want an email to be sent to you if your idle thought has been chosen, send me an email through the contact form at the bottom of the About Me page.