How To Tell If You’re A Good Boss & What To Do If You’re Not

I remember when I was younger, I never really thought about how the crap I pulled made my boss feel. It was never anything too terrible, meaning they never really had a reason to fire me – I’d just be a little bit late (a lot), or chuck a sickie the day after a big festival happened to be on (a lot). Stuff that was annoying & inconvenient, and oh-so-typical of the under 21 year old work force, and seemed insignificant to me. But now that I think of it, was probably really hurtful to my boss.

Being a ‘boss’ now, I feel so bloody bad for my past managers. I’ve forgotten most of their names, but if I did remember them I’d send them an anonymous “Sorry I Was a Turd” card, and hope that Karma doesn’t bite me on the ass too badly. Having to deal with that stuff is so tough, and it really can bring you down sometimes, especially if you’re new to being a manager. You often wonder if you’re a crap boss, or if you’re actually doing okay. Are your staff being ass-hats because you’re a crap manager, or is it because they’re naturally ass-hats? Should you reprimand more when they do something bad, or will they hate you? How should you reward them for doing a good job? So many questions, so little time to Google them!

The champs over at Headway Capital have made a handy-dandy flowchart to help you work out if you are a crap boss, or if you’re totally nailing it. Have a gander at the infographic below, and by following the easy steps, you can tell if your leadership style translates into you being a good boss, or if you are missing the mark, how to improve.