Why Your New Signature Drink Should Be BEE Mead

One fateful day I was in Dan Murphy’s buying drinks for a beach party we were heading down to and it struck me; I didn’t want to drink beer, wine or cider. I felt a bit down about that because anything tastier was going to be a right hassle to make on the beach, it was a scorcher of a day and I desperately needed something to quench my thirst. So as I was walking down the aisles hunting for inspiration, a cute bottle caught my attention. It was BEE Mead. And it was love.


I bought a few and once we got to the beach and I cracked one open, in all seriousness, it blew my mind. It is THE tastiest thing you can get on the go, goes down smooth and isn’t going to get you completely sloshed too quickly – everything you want from a social summer drink.

When I got home I had a look into the origins of honey mead, it turns out that this stuff is pretty vintage. Like, SUPER vintage (doesn’t that automatically mean it’s cool?). We’re talking over 20,000 years old and was likely the first foray of human civilisation into making alcoholic drinks, originating in Africa. When the African continent was going through its dry season, wild bees would gather wild yeasts and build hives with these in the huge Baobab trees. When the rains came in the wet season, the hollows that were filled with this yeasty-honey would fill with water. This mixture would then ferment and create this delicious nectar of the gods that is honey mead. And yes, this is what they were drinking on Game Of Thrones.

Why Your New Signature Drink Should Be BEE Mead 1

BEE Mead is legit made with real honey (none of this imported watered down fake crap you can get), spring water and bubbles. Its low alcohol at 4.5% and awesomely, gluten-free. The honey used in the drink is a mix of Australian Clover honey and New Zealand Manuka honey which is sourced from local bee-loving apiaries. The drink’s made in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales by the Balog family, who also happen to be the champs that make the award-winning Artemis Wines and Sunshack Cider.


Ever since I developed a gluten intolerance, beer makes me bloat up something chronic which is VERY unfortunate because I bloody well love it! So BEE Mead has been my saving grace this summer, and every one of my mates who has tried it is completely on board with it.

If you’re after something new and totally refreshing then I highly recommend you give it a shot. It’s available in Manuka Honey (my favourite!), Honey & Spice and Honey & Ginger from Dan Murphy’s, BWS & all good bottle shops.


Ya lublu tebe



*** This was NOT a sponsored post; I just genuinely love this stuff so much I wanted to tell you about it!




  1. February 3, 2017 / 11:39 am

    Great post. Sounds like an awesome alternative. Love that it’s an ancient recipe.

    • von kita
      February 3, 2017 / 11:41 am

      You sort of feel like a bad-ass Viking when you dink it too!