Melbourne’s Big Vegan Market

Although veganism has, dare I say it, entered main stream culture, it can still be challenging for both vegans and vegetarians to find suitable food & goods that align with their needs and beliefs. But lucky for you, Melbourne’s Big Vegan Market is on this weekend and it’ going to be so jam-packed full of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and allergen friendly food, fashion and beauty that you won’t know what to do with yourself.

The Big Vegan Market kicks off at 10am Saturday May 13th at the Royal Exhibition Building for 1 day only, and has nearly 170 businesses taking part in mammoth event.

Our Top 12

Pana Chocolate
Mr & Mrs Banks
Halfpint Vegan Dairy
Pierogi Pierogi
The Vegan Dairy
Gnocchi Bar
Simply Gluten Free
The Pham Sisters
Time IV Change
Little Vegan Makeup Shop
Vegan Style

The Big Vegan Market was started by the wonderful people over at Melbourne Vegan Eats, which had its humble origins in posting photos of vegan friendly fare in and around Melbourne, and has since grown to running this fabulous market.

Although we’re not vegan or even vegetarian, we are animal lovers and will shop/eat with the critters in mind when we can, so we’re really looking forward to getting some new favourite makers and suppliers of animal friendly food and goodies!

The Full List

Pana Chocolate
Mr & Mrs Banks
Tamarind Tree Gourmet
Hop Nation
Six Parallels South
Bake Mixes
Common Garden Health
Forest Garden
Modern Day Earth Mumma
Royal Wolves Apparel
Good Freakin’ Food
Almond Breeze
By Nelly
Dr Bronner’s
Grants of Australia
Living Light Essence
The Vegan Dairy
Gnocchi Bar
Raised by Wolves
Strength & Harmony
Gourmet Morsels
Simply Gluten Free
Magic Mixes
The Smoothie Bombs
Inkam Shoes
Rew Natural Health
Jomeis Fine Foods
Bathe Me In Goodness
The Living Pantry
Ocean Deep
Paisa Salsas
Cavalier Brewing
Beingwell Healthcare
Girls & Boys Fitzroy
Halfpint Vegan Dairy
Loving Earth
Pressed Juices
Wings of Glory
The Source Bulkfoods Brunswick
Ace Cookies
Flora and Fauna
The Pham Sisters – Vietnamese Vegan Eatery
Pookie May Coffee
Wildwood Natural Soaps
Nourish and Nurture
Really Healthy Chocolate
The Pantry Detox
Vegan Eye Candy
Mantra Lounge
Healthy Slushies
Stripped Desserts
Benana Desserts
Material Witness
Creator’s Cuisine
The Spice Maze
Time IV Change
Earth Healing Therapies
Yay Foods
The Essentials Lab
Raw Pantry
Vegan Perfection
Grace Caravan
Brew Sisters
Vusion Eatery
Wheatbags Love
Coconut Bowls
Inner Origin
Little Vegan Makeup Shop
LoveEatCake by Lisa
Chai Walli
Taitas Falafels
Knick Knack Collections
The Loose Lips Tea Co
Li’l Gas
Woking Amazing
Richie’s California Style Fresh Salsa
Sprout & Kernel
Halfpint Vegan Dairy
The Cruelty Free Shop
The Australian Natural Soap Company
Von’s Vegan Bake House
The Vegan Box
Hanami Cosmetics
Karma Cola
99th Monkey
Chelle’s Soulfoods
R.A.W by rochelle ann weeks
Nom2 by ETC Gourmet
Ru’s Veggie Kitchen
Green Wise Monkeys
Raw Integrity Chocolates
The Raw Food Store
Chai Addict
Spiral Beans
Wrappa Reusable Food Wraps
The Lemonade Cart by Twisted Mac
Tea & Spice
The Food Repository
BeeKeeper Parade
United Heart Apparel
Vegan Style
Scarlett Vegan Bags
Small Worlds
Leo the Label
Etiko Fairtrade
Love Bree Photography
Soul Stories
Butt Naked Body Care
The Indian Trunk
Futuro Vega*Pop
Kirtan Melbourne
Binti Essence
De Chalain Soap Bars
Earthlette Pit Paste
Nzuri Organics
Alex & Aloe
Bella Belle Nail Couture
The Raw Philosophy
Pamper by Nature
New Moon Scents
Sensilla candles
v e e.p
Jessica Bayes – Nutritionist
Wild & Free Boxes
Hannahpad Australia & New Zealand
Happily Made Monkeys
Medita Chocolates
Golden Grind
Pierogi Pierogi
Red Rock Olives
rohz soy candles
Northcote Natural Therapies
My Fruit Chai
Onda Food House
Puri- Pure Use of Raw Ingredients
AVS Organic Foods
Project Triceratops
Toasted Toasties
Nib + Noble
Spliced Eco Fashion
Señor Chilli
AmeetsHomestyle curries
Lavana Wholefoods
Ziel Essence
Prana ON

The Deets

Saturday May 13th
10am – 6pm
$2 entry
Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens – 9 Nicholson St, Carlton

What are your favourite vegan, gluten-free or allergen/animal friendly brands? Let us know below!




  1. Robert Hall
    May 10, 2017 / 3:41 pm

    Out of interest, why are so many people Gluten, Fructose etc. intolerant these days? When I were young, we used to eat Gluten by the bucket-load. Seriously though, a couple of months ago we went to a wedding between a WASP groom and a Chinese bride, where 50% of the grooms guests had dietary requirements, and none of the brides did. Somebody’s been doing something wrong with their collective diet, I fear.

  2. May 10, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    Wow, the markets in Melbourne are huge! I like to keep my eyes open for Gluten Free brands because my Mum is gluten intolerant and she likes cake. Thanks for sharing Nikita.