Dear Diary: Bung Knees & A Flying Niffler

Firstly, apologies for this being a day late :(. I like to get these out on Sunday as a summary of the week, but nekminnit it was Monday! This week has been a weird one – some emotional ups & downs, let downs & inconveniences, but all in all it was manageable, and I was really glad for how close I am to my family this week. When I hear of people who don’t get along with their parents, for whatever reason, I feel so amazingly sad for them. Mine are my bedrock, and I can’t imagine going through life without them!

Amongst other things, a big annoyance for me at the moment is revolving around my left knee being uncooperative, and it’s going it in such a way that an X-ray, ultrasound & MRI all can’t see what’s wrong. My doctor’s starting to think I’m making it all up, and now I’m even wondering if I am! The pain is only in my left knee, and only happens when I straighten my leg and lock my knee. I discovered this when cooling down and stretching by touching my toes after a run, and it was such a sharp and sudden pain it took me by surprise, and I’m no pansy when it comes to pain! That was about a month and a half ago, and it isn’t getting any better by itself. I went to see a local GP to get referrals for some scans, and these have come up with nada; yet it’s still hurting! I’ve been told to ‘wait and see’, but I’m not really okay with that plan. I’m having to run less because I can’t stretch my legs after, which means I’m bordering on being a cripple for at least 3 days after with BADDDD leg muscle pains. I never get leg pain after a run normally – just if I do leg day with weights. Not being able to run is actually having a detrimental affect on my mood too, which took me by surprise!

On a happier note, some friends and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them earlier in the week, and OH. MY GOD. I loved it! I was nervous that they were pushing their luck by rebooting the Harry Potter franchise, but nope! They nailed it. If you haven’t seen it yet, PLEASE go and see it in the cinema, it’s 100% worth it. I also was really happy with my choice on featuring Eddie Redmayne in our latest Man Crush Monday bio, because I fell in love with him all over again watching him portray Newt Scamander. Make sure you head over to the post and have a read, because he’s an insanely talented guy with a really interesting history.

eddie redmayne newt scamander

On Saturday I headed down to see my babe of a hair stylist Natalie from UVA Salon (175 Greville Street, Prahran). With hair as long as mine, the first thing I always say is “I want to keep the length”, and with her I actually get to! Ever since I started going to see Natalie every 3 (fineeeee 4 months. I always bargain in that extra month!), my hair’s been that healthy that I only need a little removed from the ends. She’s also a gun at creating super sexy waves, so I make sure I have the rest of my day jam-packed with plans so I get to show of my curls to as many people as possible! I’m generally too lazy to curly my hair, unless it’s a super important event, I need to make the most out of it when a pro does it for me.

Dear Diary: Bung Knees & A Flying Niffler 1

I can’t go into a heap of detail on this next one as it’s about my secret bridesmaids’ dress for my best friends wedding on Dec 23rd! Steph, said bestie, advised that us 3 bridesmaids could sort out our own dresses (and she wants us to keep it a surprise; she doesn’t want to see them till the day), which was very trusting of her, though I think it’s just one less thing for her to worry about really!

The only issue was the fact that Steph lives in London (although the wedding is in Melbourne, thanks goodness), I live in Melbourne, and the other 2 bridesmaids live in India (have a read of her awesome styling & expat blog, The Mummy Style Files) & Belgium respectively. Oh, the tyranny of distance! We ended up getting our dresses from ASOS, as anything else was going to be too difficult for worldwide return if it didn’t fit one of us. Issue was that the dresses arrived and they were huge, and could only have been made for someone over 7 foot tall! Because of this, we’re all needing to have the dresses tailored.

I asked a rather stylish friend of mine (check out her blog here!) for her recommendation on a tailor, and she sent me to Angela’s Alterations & Dressmaking at 86 Union St, Malvern. She’s this little firecracker of a Greek woman, and I love her already. The dress is with her now for alterations, and as soon as the wedding’s done I’ll flood you with photos, don’t worry.

Angelas alterations and dress making malvern

Last but not least, I visited the Big Design Market (that’s what it’s called, I promise I’m not just being overly dramatic with my capitalisation!) with my mate and her hubby to check it out. It was at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton (which is a beautiful building and worth a visit anyway) and showcased 230 of Melbourne’s top designers and their wares – all available for purchase, and all prefect for Christmas pressies. Although I didn’t purchase anything, I had such a great time wandering around and getting some top-notch styling inspo that I can’t wait to deploy in my new (yet to be found) apartment 😀 I particularly enjoyed checking out the Forage Victoria cookbook, the full range (and it’s huge!) of Kester Black nail polishesLa petite fabrique de Brunswick‘s gorgeous ceramics, having a gander at the new MiGOALS diary and last but not least, sampling ALL of Pana Chocolate‘s latest to die for flavours.

Pana Chocolate

What I Googled This Week

Ramune marble – This was on the menu at our local Japanese place when I was ordering lazy person takeaway, and I had no idea what it was. Turns out it’s a Japanese soft drink (AKA soda) with a little marble in the neck of the bottle. I’m yet to figure out the purpose of said marble, so if you know what it’s for let me know in the comments below!

Ramune Marble Japanese Soda Drink

Plain white bed linen – Seriously, how hard is it to find some! I’ve been after some plain white bed linens recently, and am struggling to find any that are good quality, under $300, and don’t have a pattern on them. Any ideas??

H&M home – A friend told me, after hearing about my plight to find the perfect linens, that H&M Home have some for about $139, but they don’t deliver! You have to physically go to the store, which is a pain for me because I live & work too far from town 🙁 Looks like I’ll have to get off my ass and make the trip in to the city (it’s only 30 mins away, it’s just inconvenient!)

H&M white bed linen

What to do when doctor is a dick – This is me being a grump and rage Googling after my doc told me to “wait and see” in regards to my knee! He didn’t deserve it, but he’ll never know *laughs maniacally*

Knee pain sharp under kneecap when leg straight – If you read the start of this post, you’d know what I’m talking about! It frustratingly turned up very little. Have you ever had this issue? If so, I’d love to hear from you!

Forest – I had a brain fart about the spelling, and once I had typed both forest and forrest to see which looked right, I got maself all confuzzled! (FYI it’s ‘forest’)

Mintons England – I bought a china plate from the op shop this week (FINE you got me, I bought 6. Shut up about it already!) and was trying to work out what year it was according to the stamp. Turns out it’s between 101 – 66 years old, which ain’t bad!

Teeth whitening cost – I’ve actually got one of those Hello Smile teeth whitening pens on the way (which I’ll review ASAP, and you know it’ll be unbiased!), but I wanted to see how much a teeth whitening session with a dentist was. I forget the answer, so I’m not much help there! I’m a bit suss on the pens, solely from a marketing point of view – they have (in my opinion) over utilised bloggers to review them, and it’s made me suss. There are way too many good reviews, and from prolific bloggers. But anyway, when I get mine I’ll write-up a review and let you guys know what I think.

Hello Smile

Melbourne outdoor cinemas – I started a Facebook group with some mates where if you have a hankering to do something, whether it be see a movie, start an indoor soccer team, go to the beach, start violin lessons, go horse riding, whatever, you just post it there and see if anyone else is keen to join you. It’s been going for a few years now, and I think we’ve had a 100% positive strike rate, which is great! I’ve tried some really awesome things I wouldn’t have thought of doing before this group, and I’ve also wrangled people into tagging along with me on many a museum/restaurant/day tip adventures. BUT, I digress. I had to see which outdoor cinemas we’re on this year, and I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the OG crew still going, and a few new ones thrown in for good measure. I’ll be posting my top picks for Melbourne outdoor cinemas ASAP, so make sure you check it out!

True crime podcast – One of my most common catchphrases, obviously apart from “it’s like herding cats”, would have to be “I learnt on the podcast that *insert random fact about rabies/the moonwalk/skydiving/e coli/Nelson Mandela/Communism/Batman here*“, and it’s all the SYSK crews fault. I adore their Stuff You Should Know podcast, and have gotten a few friends onto it too, but I talk about it so much that my poor boyfriend’s probably starting to wonder who these Chuck & Josh characters are!  In a recent episode they mentioned true crime podcasts, and my interest was piqued. Now, don’t get me wrong, crime is bad m’kay, but I bloody love true crime docos, so a podcast on the subject?? Right up my (non-threatening or murderous) alley! So I Googled it, and a general favourite seemed to be one called ‘Serial‘. I downloaded it to my Podcast Addict app (it’s my favourite podcast app by far. you can download it here for Android) and got going, and holy hell, I’m hooked. I’m up to Episode 4 (no spoilers please!), and am listening to it at every opportunity. I found myself sitting in my car in my driveway after I got home for 15 mins because I didn’t want to stop the other night! If you’re into that sort of stuff, I highly recommend you go check it out.

F45 – A few fellow bloggers I follow on Snapchat have mentioned F45 fitness classes a lot recently, so I had a gander. It seems to be the next ‘thing’, but by the looks of how quickly it’s spread and their marketing plan, I think it’s here to stay! It’s $60 a week which is a bit steep, but I’m curious to find out what it’s all about! You can read more here.

Chemical brothers hey girl hey boy – I sing the lines “Hey boy. Hey girl…” and expect my boyfriend to immediately respond with “Here we go!”, yet he never does. But I realised that he doesn’t bloody well know the song! I showed it to him and now we’re all fine and dandy, but for those of you who don’t know it, it’s a classic and should form a part of your musical education. Galvanize by Chemical Brothers. The video is super weird, but then again, so were the 90’s.

Why is Lightroom is being an asshole – Yet another rage Google, and this one’s pretty self-explanatory!

De licing de liceing – I have zero clue why I wanted to know how to spell de licing now!

Pepe charlie – On a run last week I went past someones trailer that had ‘PEPE’ written on the back in big white letters. I had to find a photo of Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the Pepe episode to send to him, just for lols. By the way, if you haven’t watched Always Sunny, A) What rock have you been living under? and B) GO DO IT RIGHT NOW PLEASE THANKS. Here is a taste of Charlie in all his obsessive glory.

Blog Of The Week

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That’s all for this week kids! Till next time.

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