Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

Travelling full time is my reality, and I love it. I love the minimalism, the thrill, the love. But coming back to where I'm from is always a joy, especially with what waits for me here.

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Just Chilling With Steve The Turtle In Hawai’i

I'm writing this from our balcony overlooking the mountains of Kaua'i in Hawai'i, after having just snorkelled with turtles and been free diving for hours. Poor me :P

We Didn’t Know A Wild Cougar Was Stalking Us…

I have an admission to make… I’m crap at keeping my friends and family updated about what I’m doing in my travels. Like, pathologically bad. So I wanted a space to be able to update everyone easily on my adventures and misadventures; a part diary part article. This post marks what will be the first of a random yet hopefully entertaining smattering of updates about my travels and tales. What I’m doing, seeing, feeling, wanting, etc. I’ll be emailing these out too, so if you want them in your inbox just sign up here. So without further ado…   Where…