Dear Diary: Chest Infections, 5kms & A Shiny New Lens

It started out as one of those weeks where all you want is to go back to sleep and for time magically zip forward 7 days so you don’t have to deal with it. But alas! That’s impossible (isn’t it?!), and after all, it ended up not being so bad!

I started the week of really pumped, because it was nearly time for me to run in my first ever 5km race – the City2Sea event on Sunday November 20th. I was only comfortably running 4km before breathing became an issue, but was determined to keep practising till I hit that magic 5km mark just before the big day. I had no plans to go quickly – I just wanted to be able to say that I have run in an official 5km event.

It’s been tough getting back into running since I broke my back at the start of the year. Not really because of pain or anything; It just seems to have slowed me down a bit, and I’m starting to feel a bit older. Patience is not my virtue so I did chuck in the towel a few times, but I made sure it only lasted for a day or 2 and always got myself back on board again.

All was going well till on Sunday I got the sniffles, and by the end of Monday, I was sick as a dog. It started out small, but then worked its way up to a full-blown chest infection with bonus snot bubbles in public. Woo!! I was really devastated, because I couldn’t walk to the loo without getting puffed out, let alone run a 5k’er.

I was having a winge to my Dad, and he said he had something similar before his last big trip over to Mexico and the States, and was in even worse nick than me. He explained that he went to the local Chemist, and the bloke there got him on these tablets that had him functioning again in under 2 days, which was bordering on a miracle. Dad’s as much of a cynical bastard as I am, and neither of us believe in the hippie-dippie medicines, so the fact he said this worked for him was enough for me. I went down and got myself some, and jeepers creepers they worked! The Chemist told me to take 6 at once, then 2 twice more that day, and then 2 twice a day till I was better. Within 24 hours I was feeling a heap better and no longer creating spontaneous snot bubbles in the supermarket. Obviously you should get your own medical advice before taking anything, but I highly recommend these! They’re called ArmaForce and made by BioCeuticals.

BioCeuticals ArmaForce

While I’m on the subject of Mexico, Dad brought back with him these amazing local sweets made from fruit and what-not. Quince and chilli was not a combination I had imagined, but paired with a nice cheeseboard these will go down a treat and our next wine & cheese night. Mum also chucked in a solid handful of broad beans she’d grown in the garden, which steamed and in a light salad were so crisp and fresh. I’ll make sure I take photo next time I visit them, because Mum’s vege garden is going gangbusters!

Mexican treat Cuadritos de Membrillo con Chile

Mexican treat Lamintas de Membrillo con Chile

As you may be ale to tell from the photos already, I got my hands on a new lens! On Tuesday I bought a 50mm f1.8 lens for my old Sony NEX-3 DSLR that I’ve been eyeing off for a while. Meet my new bad boy…

Sony 50mm f1.8 lens

Now, back to my 5km plight. Everyday I would wake up and gauge if going for a run was even possible with how crappy my lungs were feeling, or if pushing myself would just make me sicker. It wasn’t till Friday after work that my body seemed to give me a little sign that was like “Hey, you can try running now buddy!”, so I chucked on my runners and tights and went for a jog along the beach in Hampton.

I am by no means fast, and am very much so a beginner runner/jogger. As I mentioned earlier, I have struggled to run/jog 5km without taking a break in the past, and I wasn’t expecting miracles this time either. When I’m running outdoors I’ll listen to the Spotify Running playlist (hip hop gets me pumped when I run!), generally at 150bpm. To give my body a break, I lowered it to 145bpm, and got going.

1, 2, 3 then 4km went past, and I wasn’t even out of breath! I hit 5km and although my legs were a bit sore, it was overall a remarkably painless affair, especially seeing as though I had a chest infection, hadn’t exercised for a week and seemed to be cursed. So I was feeling pretty good about the race on Sunday! I planned on running at the same pace, because I know I’m capable in my current condition, and would have no excuses.

After an early 6am wake up, I got in the car and drove out to the City for the City2Sea race. I had pre-purchased parking at the Fed Square parking to make sure I didn’t miss out on a spot, which at the time I thought was pretty clever. I realised early that there were a few road closures, so took the long way around the city (up Punt Rd and then left on to Wellington Parade). After driving around for a while I realised that all of Flinders St was closed, so I couldn’t even get to the car park! I was a bit pissed that they allowed to to book the ticket (with entry at 7am) knowing I wouldn’t be able to get to the car park, so stingey me will be calling for a refund on Monday. I ended up parking on Flinders Lane and then walking down to the starting point near the Arts College.

von kita City2Sea 5km C25K

I learnt a lot about running my first official race today, so will do a write on on it ASAP to help out any other first timers. But I’m so proud to say that I finished my first ever 5km official race! I stuck to my slower pace and got a finish time of 37:58, which I’m more than happy about. I also got a medal, which everyone gets when they finish, but if I leave out that last bit it sounds a heap more impressive! I also got an amazingly red face, which is totally normal for me, but this one official photographer kept taking photos of me so now I’m a bit worried I’ll be in the paper looking like a tomato!

von kita City2Sea 5km C25K

Overall it was a good week, and I’m so glad that I forced myself to run. If I didn’t, I nearly guarantee I would still be moping around home in my PJ’s eating something weird like coconut butter with a spoon or a huge chuck of brie with my hands and complaining about how snotty I was!


And now, for my photos of the week…

Sony 50mm f1.8 von kita

Sony 50mm f1.8 von kita

Sony 50mm f1.8 von kita

Sony 50mm f1.8 von kita

Sony 50mm f1.8 von kita


Ya lublu tebe xx

von kita