Dear Diary: Monks & Markets, Podiatry & Podcasts

After my last Dear Diary, I had a friend ask if I was seeing a physio for my knee. I explained to her that I’ve recently become entirely disheartened with physios & podiatrists, so no, I wasn’t seeing one for this. After seeing them for a lifetime for all sorts of things, this recent bout of knee issues has seen me burn through 3 physios and a hell of a lot of money without any real results (I stuck each one out for long enough, I promise!). I had 3-4 fat pad impingement in the last year, and the advice I was getting was all about treatment, as opposed to how to avoid it happening in the first place. It totally screwed up my running (try running with a fat pad injury – it’s agony!), I stopped horse riding and packed on a bit of weight from not physically being able to do the activities that took up the majority of my fitness schedule, and it all really got me down.So when this happened, I decided to try and tackle the imaging side of things first, which I did. But my mate who I mentioned earlier has convinced me to give physios/podiatrists another go.

So when this new issue occurred I decided to try and tackle the imaging side of things first, which I did. But my mate who I mentioned earlier has convinced me to give physios/podiatrists another try, and has recommended one to me that a running friend of hers has had great success with. It’s with Matt Bull at Up & Running Podiatry in Ripponlea tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!

I finished up Season 1 of the Serial podcast I mentioned last week (detailing Adnan Syed’s possibly wrongful imprisonment for Hae Min Lee’s murder), and it was so good! Sarah Koenig is such an enthralling storyteller, that I was finding myself lingering in my car in the driveway after getting home from work on more than one occasion. I’m currently up to Episode 4 of Season 2, which details the story being Bowe Bergdahl, a Sargent in the US Army who was held captive by the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan from June 2009 right through to May 2014. The mystery around him, and why Sarah chose this as her next season, was that although he wasn’t a deserter, he is being court-martialed for charges of desertion and endangering fellow soldiers. I won’t go into it too much (there’s no point when you’re up against a story teller as great as Koenig!), but if you’re keen you can listen to it on their website or just download it on your favourite podcast app (I like Podcast Addict personally, on Android).

Bowe Bergdahl

At the start of the week Daddio and I flew over to Burnie in Tasmania for work. I hadn’t been to Burnie before but had been told that it’s a beautiful part of Tasmania that had a flourishing industrial network, and was glad to see the two mixing in successful synchronicity. I won’t go into what we’re doing in that part of the world, but needless to say Tassy really turned on the weather for us – 18 degrees coupled with sideways rain & wind was fun! I also secretly love prop planes, as you just don’t get the opportunity to go on the unless you’re going somewhere weird, so it was a great trip 🙂

Burnie Tasmania

Back on the mainland, I headed out on Saturday to give Monk Bodhi Dharma in Balaclava a try with a friend. The place is minuscule so we had to wait for a bit, but once we were seated I was really happy to see the EVERYTHING on the menu was gluten free, which I wasn’t expecting (Read: I for once hadn’t looked up the menu online before going to a new restaurant/cafe!). I’m doing a write up on this place soon, but needless to say it was awesome and I highly recommend it.

Monk Bodhi Dharma

On Sunday Mum and I went down to the Rose Street Market, which is in Fitzroy in between Brunswick and Nicholson Streets. I picked up a few bits and pieces, most of which are Christmas presents for people so I can’t show them to you just yet! I did buy myself something though – a framed print of the stencil of Snow White holding a grenade. I’ve had trouble working out if this is for sure a Banksy, so for now I will say it’s not. If you do know though, let me know!

Snow White Grenade Briston London

Before we headed into the market we sat down for some quick lunch at Shifty Chèvre. Mum and I are both (reluctantly) gluten free, and ordering anything with GF bread can be so hit and miss sometimes, but the waitress convinced us it was worth it. We ordered the Croque Madame (smoked ham, Gruyère cheese, bèchamel sauce & a poached egg on GF sourdough),  and it was amazing. Unfortunately my camera shat itself temporarily, so the below photo is from this Instagram user of the exact same thing, and holy moley it was good!

croque madame shifty chevre

We were also really surprised by how good the bread was. When we asked what it was, the manager went and brought out the loaf for me to take a snap of it, and I was rapt to find it’s in stock right near my house at Primrose Hill Deli in Brighton East. Hellooooo toasties for lunch!

Dench Gluten Free Bread

For those of you that aren’t into horses, you may be surprised to find out that horses have to see a dentist, and they hate it just as much as humans do. I just had the dentist out to see my 3 horses, and it’s always entertaining. They only get their teeth done once a year, and it involved using a file to remove any sharp corners on their teeth (which can cause ulcers in their mouths and a loss of appetite), to remove tartar/calcification, and remove rotten/broken teeth if necessary. Charlie apparently has the back molars of an 18-year-old (she’s 28!), but her front chompers are definitely showing her age, AKA she looks like a pirate. Here’s a flattering photo of her, because I don’t want to embarrass her on the internet!


Spaz just had some tartar removed, but George’s teeth are looking worse for wear. He’s had pretty bad breath in the last month, which for a horse is not a good sign. Because they don’t eat meat, their breath shouldn’t smell bad like a dogs breath for example. The dentist said that George (who’s 26) has 2 loose teeth up the back. He was going to take one out, but decided against it because when you do in horses that age, it can start a chain reaction, and they end up with no back molars (which they need to grind up grass & hay). He got rid of as much decay as possible, and said I just have to keep an eye on him. Brendon Cohen, said dentist, is super patient and I definitely value his opinion & skills. If you’re on the hunt for an equine dentist in South East Victoria, I highly recommend him.

Brendon Cohen Equine Dentist

2 out of 3 of my horses behave like saints when he’s there, but one (can you guess who?) is an absolute turd. Spaz is such a giant pansy when the dentist is here that he backs himself up into a corner in the stable and just shakes like a leaf while the dentist is doing his thing. It doesn’t hurt, he just works himself up into such a frenzy that he forgets it doesn’t hurt! Once they leave, he comes up to me wanting a hug and being all sooky.


What I Googled This Week

Polaroid 300 vs Instax Mini 8 – I’ve been keen to get my hands on a polaroid camera for years now, but I always float away from the ideas because of either price or forgetfulness. These are the two I’m tossing up between at the moment, so if you have either I’d love your feedback on it!

Wiggles 18+ – The owner of Mummy Style Files and I were talking about the Wiggles, and I mentioned how I would totally love to see a Wiggles concert, at least once in my life, She told me they do 18+ gigs sometimes, and I was totally bummed to see that there was one earlier this year at The Corner Hotel!

Wiggles 18+

Chicken maryland with five-spice recipe – I have been working on a new recipe for this and was trying our a few new marinade ideas. I’m nearly done with refining the recipe, so I’ll be sure to post it up as soon as it’s done.

Chatime Glen Waverley – Dude. I am proper addicted to bubble tea, or as I call it, bubble bubble. I needed a fix after working late in the office one night and wanted to know how late they were open till (10pm you’ll be pleased to hear).

Cha Time Matcha bubble tea

Windsor smith – I have been on the hunt for some shoes for my best mates wedding, and settled on Windsor Smith as they’re affordable, and seem to fit me well. I ended up getting the Nevada for $149, and love them 🙂 They’re comfy, walkable, and totally good for an after wedding boogie.

windsor smith nevada suede block heel

King pillow euro pillow – I bought some king pillow cases to go with my new H&M linen sheets, and was checking if king and euro pillows are the same – they are! Now to buy some…

Ebay marble table – I’ve been on the hint for a marble coffee table to agessss! The only ones I’ve been able to find under $300 look just like the one my super woggy Nan had, and as much as I loved her, I’m not that keen on a doily-heavy interior decorating scheme.

Nudie jeans – He’s aware of this so I can say it here, but Liam’s getting a pair of Nudie Jeans for Christmas, and I’m thinking about the Slim Jims; what do you think?

Nudie Jeans Slim Jim Black

How to serve jackfruit – I love Jackfruit but forgot how to cut it up to get around the fibres.

How to remove jackfruit sap – Yeahhhh so I forgot the Jackfruit has this super annoying and hard to get off sap, that doesn’t come off with soap. Turns out oil is the only thing that gets rid of it, so I had to slather the bench, knife, my hands and chopping board with olive oil. I then promptly dropped the knife on the floor because it was so slippy, and hilarity ensued with me trying to pick it up *cue Benny Hill music*

Surface Pro 4 – The laptop I currently have is, as far as I’m concerned, the devil. I hate it with a passion, and can’t wait till it dies. I am aiming for the Surface Pro 4 next so I can take it on the road with me and not have to practice safe lifting techniques when I need to lift it like I do with my current behemoth, while still being able to run programs like Photoshop on it.



Blog Of The Week

Mummy Style Files

I’ll be honest – kids freak me out a bit. They’re messy and loud and snotty, and I’m always worried I’d loose one if I were ever in charge of one. But Caitlin of The Mummy Style Files makes it look effortless. Her blog details her life as an expat in India with her husband and kids, and although she’s back in Melbourne now, I get the feeling she has many more adventures ahead of her. You can check our her Instagram too for drool-worthy style photos, adorable snaps with the kids and be convinced that having kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a love for fashion.


Articles I Read This Week

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