Getting Grounded & My Country On Fire

After nearly 3 years on the road, I’m home. It’s without a doubt an interesting time to be in Aus, and one that’s pulling on all our heartstrings.

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Exploring The Astounding La Ville-Lumière (AKA Paris)

A city I’ve visited many, many times, yet it never gets old. This time around I threw aside the touristy sites, instead I lived Paris as it should be lived.


Welcome To The End Of The World

It’s more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. We work hard, and in return get to soak up the sights of one of the most spectacular places in the world.


Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

I love the minimalism of full-time travel, the thrill, the love. But coming back to where I’m from is always a joy, especially with what waits for me here.


Just Chilling With Steve The Turtle In Hawai’i

I’m on our balcony overlooking the mountains of Kaua’i after having just snorkelled with turtles and been freediving for hours. Poor me.


We Didn’t Know A Wild Cougar Was Stalking Us…

Deep in the unexpectedly snowy backroads of Vancouver Island, we had our first encounter with a fully grown male cougar. And it was AWESOME.

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