Google’s Reply To A 7 Year Old’s Job Application Is Everything

Chloe Bridgewater’s Dad told her that the Google offices had bean bags, go karts and slides, and after she saw photos she knew where she wanted a job when she grew up. So she got to work on her application and sent this gorgeous letter to the Google boss:


Chloe Bridgewater Letter To Google CEO

A little while later a letter arrived for Chloe, and it was a personal reply from none other than Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai.

Sundar Pichai Letter

Chloe’s dad, Andy Bridgewater, just posted Sundar’s letter to LinkedIn and it’s already received over 100,000 likes:

Andy Bridgewater LinkedIn

Andy’s complete post says “After seeing images of Google offices with their bean bags, go karts and slides my 7 year old daughter decided to write to Google to see if they would give her a job. She lost a great deal of confidence after being knocked down by a car a couple of years ago. However, to say she is delighted after receiving this letter signed by Sundar Pichai himself is an understatement.

“She is now even more eager to do well at school and work for Google. Can’t thank such a busy person enough to take time out to make a little girl’s dream become one step closer, although not sure she’s fully aware that it’ll take more than riding go karts and sleeping in pods to make it with Google.”


Isn’t that just the most gorgeous thing ever?!


Ya lublu tebe



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