10 Best Cafes To Work Remotely (Or Study) From In Victoria, BC

Need a cafe with reliable internet, good coffee and snacks to work remotely or study from? Whether you're a digital nomad or a student, these cafes in Victoria BC will make sure your day's a productive one

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7 Of The Best Travel YouTube Channels You Haven’t Heard Of

Travel YouTube Channels are a dime a dozen these days. So instead of wading through the endless piles of digital crap, get addicted to my top 7 Travel YouTube Channels (that you probably haven't heard of)

What Was 2018 For Me? A Very Exciting Year In Review

Curious about what shenanigans I got up to in 2018? From diving in Koh Tao, Thailand, to selling all my shit and living in a van travelling through the US & Canada, to moving to Canada. 2018 for me has been a wild ride.


15 Plastic-Free Alternatives To Replace Your Daily Use Items

Not sure where to start in your journey to reduce your plastic use? Begin with these 15 plastic-free alternatives to replace your daily use items, and you'll be golden.

Remember This

There’s no point in worrying about what the future holds for you – it’s already happening. Just be kind, be logical, and live your life. The future will come.


On Losing A Loved One Too Young

Our last conversation will forever haunt me. Not because it would become the last thing I’d ever hear from one of the most vivacious, powerful, caring and colourful human beings to have ever lived. But because it was my one and only chance to see that someone I loved so fiercely needed help. And I missed it.


My Instagram Life Is Perfect – But My Real Life Is A Mess

If you look at my Instagram life, you’d think that my days are filled with sun, adventures and good times. And a lot of the time they are. What you don’t see is the normal, and often darker side, of my and pretty much everyone else on Instagram’s lives. So why do so many of us portray these ‘perfect’ Instagram lives, and not show the hot messes many of us truly are?

My Instagram life makes my life look perfect. But what you don't see from me and the majority of people on Instagram is the natural, and often darker, side.