My Instagram Life Is Perfect – But My Real Life Is A Mess

If you look at my Instagram life, you’d think that my days are filled with sun, adventures and good times. And a lot of the time they are. What you don’t see is the normal, and often darker side, of my and pretty much everyone else on Instagram’s lives. So why do so many of us portray these ‘perfect’ Instagram lives, and not show the hot messes many of us truly are?

My Instagram life makes my life look perfect. But what you don't see from me and the majority of people on Instagram is the natural, and often darker, side.

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How To Break Up And Stay Friends

I read an article recently that stated that mutually beneficial breakups are the worst. Reading that line over and over, I couldn’t get over how much that was bullshit. Breaking up with my boyfriend was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because I knew we’d accomplish what many thought impossible: We’d break up and stay friends. This is quite a personal article for me to write, but I figure there’s a lot of people out there in a similar situation to us. If our experiences can at all help you guys in what you’re going through and not…

My ex-boyfriend and I accomplished the impossible. We managed to break up and stay friends. Find out how we did it and how you (hopefully) can too.

Melbourne’s Best Bookstores: Our 17 Top Must Visit Stores

With the rise of tech & seemingly endless hectic schedules, the decline of bookworms has seen our beloved bookstores copping an absolute beating, and in turn, so have the paper peddlers who lovingly traded them for oh-so-many years. Melbourne is known for being a cultural epicentre for readers, writers and creatives in general, yet even with this going for them the few remaining bookstores must work hard to stay relevant in an ever-changing and brutal tech world. Don’t get me wrong; I love technology! But I also love paper books and diaries, sending snail mail and browsing musty old tomes…


The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe For 2 Weeks Holiday In Asia

It’s winter in Australia and all you can think about is the lush palm trees, cheap cocktails and beach paradises of Asia. But once you take the leap and finally book that amazing winter vacay, rummaging through your wardrobe is horrifying; What have all your perfect little sun dresses, moped friendly shorts and casual tees gone?! With just 17 (including shoes and bathers!) in season, affordable and wrinkle resistant pieces you can create an extremely versatile and on-point capsule wardrobe for your big 2 week holiday easily.