The Lip Lab Melbourne Custom Lipstick Creation


I don’t like wearing lipstick. There, I said it. For me, the whole process is a pain in the ass. If I’m stingy and buy a drug store/supermarket lipstick I will somehow consistently pick shades that don’t suit me, yet if I splurge and go in store to a reputable brand I will always get the disinterested/bitchy sales attendant who has the envious skill of the single eyebrow raise that perfectly conveys how little she thinks of me. This, my friends, is a shitty superpower of mine. And the worst thing? If I somehow manage to find a shade I like, I feel like I spend the day reapplying and trying to not look like a 90-year-old granny who’s never heard of lip liner. So when I heard about The Lip Lab and their customer lipsticks, I thought “what’s the worst that could happen?”


The Location

When I entered the Lip Lab’s temporary digs in the foyer of Beauty EDU at 601 Bourke St in Melbourne, I was impressed by how cute they’d managed to make what was essentially a boring foyer. It was bordering on being an Instagramers dream with cute lighting and sweet details, but what really won me over was Lilly.

The Lip Lab Melbourne Review Custom Lipstick


The Consultation

Lilly was my personal consultant for the session, and straight away she made me feel really comfortable. I realised immediately that she wasn’t a token *cough* bitchy *cough* beauty chick, and picked immediately that I was a relaxed person with an odd sense of humour, we started cracking jokes straight off the bat.

We sat down at the lippie creation desk and Lilly explained how the process worked and how we could go about crafting my new custom lipstick. She asked what I had in mind for our session, I explained that I was after an easy to wear nude; something I could slip into and not worry about. Pretty much, I was after a lazy lipstick.

The Lip Lab Melbourne Review Custom Lipstick


The Process

First we discussed the colour and extras (scent, lip plumper, anti ageing/feathering, sunscreen, shimmer) I wanted and the base I preferred (crème, matte, sheer, vegan or lip gloss). I opted for a matte base after Lilly promised me that it wasn’t the sort of matte that you saw in Kylie’s Lip Kits, AKA the ones that stopped you being able to eat food or drink coffee without living in fear of looking like your lips we dissolving.

As for scent, I had a super hard time deciding, but after Lilly showed me one called ‘pink champagne’ I knew we had a winner. It was so popular that the name on the bottle had rubbed off, but I could see (well, smell) why – It’s what I imagine unicorn farts would smell like, or what the scent of pure happiness would be.

I also opted for the sunscreen and anti-feathering extras, because who wouldn’t want that extra protection.

The Lip Lab Melbourne Review Custom Lipstick


The second step was pure science. All of a sudden Lilly whipped out this sheet covered in numbers and what-not that I 100% didn’t understand, but she started mixing like the pro she is and marking off these numbers like a boss so I totally trusted her.


The Lip Lab Melbourne Review Custom Lipstick


Once we were happy with the colour, she mixed in a little of the matte base and popped it on a lip brush for me to try. We had a giggle that it looked a tad like poo, but once I tried it on it was like the birds started singing and angels appeared; I’d finally found my nudes! Wait, what? I mean I’d finally found my perfect nude lipstick!

She then mixed in the rest of the base to the pigment and smushed it all together like it was nobodies business, and then popped the mixture into a little jar and moved it to ‘the spinny oven’.


The Lip Lab Melbourne Review Custom Lipstick


When the lipstick was removed from ‘the spinny oven’ (well that’s what I called it, it’s not the official name believe it or not), it was immediately poured into a purpose-made mould to set. I must admit, I got way too into this part of the process and must have looked like a complete simpleton with my jaw hanging open.


The Lip Lab Melbourne Review Custom Lipstick


After it was set the case was carefully put over the base of the lipstick, in a deft movement Lilly removed the lippie from the mould and TADA! My finished custom lipstick from Lip Lab was born!


The Lip Lab Melbourne Review Custom Lipstick


The Final Say

What Was It: A custom lipstick tailored to you during a face-to-face consultation with a Lip Lab expert

Where Was It: Beauty EDU – Entry Foyer, 601 Bourke St, Melbourne

How Much Is It: $65 for a custom lipstick and $3 each for flavour/scent/shimmer

How Long Did It Take: A standard consultation takes around 30 minutes

Where To Book: Book online here for Melbourne or find your closest location here

The Verdict: I absolutely love my new nude lippie aptly called ‘von kita’, and the consultation was amazing. Highly recommend it as a treat for yourself, a group event for hens party, or a Mum/Daughter day out. Any excuse would do really!

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This product & service was provided to von kita for independent review. The views expressed here are my own and are no way influenced by the generosity of the supplier.