Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Guide For 2017

From humble beginnings with a few events in 1993, The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (MFWF) has flourished into Australia’s most influential and respected food & wine event, bolstering Melbourne place as the world’s most livable city. The festival has previously hosted international chefs such as Nigella Lawson (UK), Jamie Oliver (UK), René Redzepi (Denmark), Heston Blumenthal (UK), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Spain) and Thomas Keller (USA), ensuring that Victoria is right up there with the international greats, and continues to be a world leader in food trends and creativity.

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Guide For 2017 1

[su_quote cite=”Michael Harden”]An idea conceived to help a city lift itself from the doldrums has exceeded its wildest expectations and has helped to engender a sense of confidence, purpose and place. It has shown Melbourne to be a city that leads, reflects and listens to what is happening in the world of food and wine because food and wine are part of its lifeblood. And with no shortage of tenacity and vision, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival will continue to be a place where the world gathers to show how truly powerful the simple act of eating and drinking together can be.


This year’s Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is chock full of unmissable events, and even though a lot of our top picks are already sold out, there are still a huge number of top-notch events for you to head along to. We’ve split up the offerings (available as of the 30th) into price ranges from under $50 right up to the $300 dollarydoo mark.


Up to $49 Dollarydoos

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Two Become One

07/04 from 6pm @ Soi 38, Melbourne. $28

Clever Polly’s Sam Stafford serves up a different kind of broth at Soi 38 for a once-off pop-up in celebration of Japan’s favourite dish. A list of wines made and curated by Lou Chalmer will ensure that your thirst is quenched even after your soup bowl is empty.

Orange Is The New Blanc

06/04 from 5pm @ Dr Morse Bar & Eatery, Abbotsford. $38

In true Dr. Morse style, Tyler Preston and Adam Trengrove will flex their Asian flair, showcasing their mastery of cuisine and cellar among hot woks, natural wines and disco beats. All in the great outdoors of Abbotsford’s greenest beer garden.


$50 – $99 Dollarydoos

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Pigs, Pots and Pinot

01/04 from 12pm @ Plough Hotel, Footscray. $53

Chef Scott Thomas and the team at the Plough are putting together a menu of porky goodness: Western Plains pigs, pots from Footscray’s own West City Brewers and pinot from Shadowfax, all set to the soundtrack of local bands. Pigs, pots and pinot – we defy anyone to come up with a better combination.

Laila El-Haddad Gazan Cuisine

06/04 from 6.30pm @ Raw Materials, Footscray. $58

International chef Laila El-Haddad will demonstrate a unique recipe exploring the exquisite flavours of Gaza, while taking us on a journey through a region which may be geographically tiny but is home to culinary traditions as rich as the resilience and culture of the Gazan people.

Going The Whole Hog

02 & 09/04 from 12pm @ San Antone, Southbank. $60

Featuring unique smokehouse flavours, Crown invites you to experience smoked meats like no other at San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ. Sample our unique American barbecue with third-generation pit master Kevin Bludso at San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ – bringing the taste of Texas to Melbourne.

The Very Best of Local Cheese & Wine

03 & 04/04 from 7pm @ Milk the Cow Licensed Fromagerie Carlton, Carlton. $72

Celebrate the best of Victorian produce with an epic guided cheese and booze flight by Milk the Cow. We’ll bring together eight of the very best cheeses from our favourite local producers and perfectly match each with regional wines, beers and ciders to elevate the flavours to dizzying new heights.

 The Great Italian Feast

01/04 from 11.30am @ Fratelli Fresh, Melbourne. $78

Some say Italians are best known for their traditional delicious and flavoursome dishes, to be enjoyed with their amazingly bold wines. We agree wholeheartedly, and our abundant Italian feast will show why. Two hours of feasting on antipasti, pizza, pasta and more, plus free flowing Fratelli Fresh wines.

Frankie Says Relax, Just Do It

01/04 from 2pm @ Terra Rossa Restaurant & Bar, Melbourne. $83

Join pizza chef extraordinaire Frankie for a class with a twist – and a throw! Learn the three essential T’s of pizza making – tossing, toppings and tasting. Follow the class with a two-course lunch and matched drinks, plus a goodie bag to take home.

10 Chinese Dishes You’ve Never Tried Before

04/04 from 7pm @ David’s, Prahran. $83

Culinary adventurers are invited to dig a little deeper into Chinese cuisine and feast on ten original dishes that we guarantee you won’t find at your local Chinese restaurant. Inspired by traditional ingredients and cooking methods from all corners of China, it’s our way of celebrating home and sharing joy.

Coburg Food Race

31/03, 07 & 08/04 from 10.30am @ Sydney Road, Coburg. $83

Race around Coburg, competing against other teams in search of key ingredients before a shared lunch at the end of the race. You will be darting in and out of shops, solving clues and facing challenges based on cultural cuisines, general ‘world’ knowledge and Coburg itself.

Dinner With Frank

06/04 from 6.30pm @ Allora Cucina, McKinnon. $85

A celebration of the life and career of Frank Sinatra. The music, the movies and the man himself are taking over Allora Cucina for one night! “Dinner with Frank” pays homage to one of history’s greatest performers. Take a step back in time with Allora and Frank as our talented chefs present a 4 course sharing menu inspired by Little Italy New York City, and the hearty rustic cuisine brought to America by Italian Immigrants in the 19th century.

The Golden Triangle

09/04 from 12pm @ Saigon Sally, Windsor. $88

Having established Windsor as one of Melbourne’s culinary hotspots, famous foodie destinations Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Tina and Saigon Sally will host a progressive lunch where guests can experience the best of the three venues in one day.

Smoky Meats & Craft Beer

06/04 from 6.30pm @ Kaiju Brewery, Dandenong South. $88

Learn from the experts when Uncle’s Smallgoods and Kaiju Brewery team up for a night of artisan smoked meaty masterpieces matched with devastatingly good craft beer and cider.

The Hellenic Block Party

07/04 from 6.30pm @ Hellenic Republic Brunswick, Brunswick East. $95

The first and original Hellenic Republic in Brunswick is celebrating nine wonderful years the only way Greeks know how – with an epic Hellenic Block Party! Join us for this special night where we bring back your old favourites with our chefs manning live cooking stations, Greek wine and cocktails flowing and some cracking music to match.

The Salt Kitchen Soirée

01/04 from 4pm @ Collins Quarter, Melbourne. $98

An afternoon of curated canapés, charcuterie and a succulent spit roast in our Magnolia Courtyard. We welcome ex-Head Chef Michael Nunn and his Salt Kitchen in Ballarat, who will partner with our Head Chef Samuel Wilson to create local culinary treats enjoyed with plentiful wines, sourced and matched from the same region.

Relationships with Land and Sea

01/04 from 12pm @ Dutchess, Melbourne. $98

Dutchess celebrates provenance and the relationships with local producers for a special Melbourne Food and Wine Festival event featuring produce from the land and the sea. Two-hatted Head Chef, Dylan Kemp (Royal Mail Hotel, The Point), will create four delectable courses using produce from providores Sher Wagyu, Ocean Made Seafood, Signature Oysters and Yarra Valley Farms.


$100 – $149 Dollarydoos

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Ales on Rails

08/04 from 11.15am @ Ales on Rails, Castlemaine. $110

We’re recreating the golden age of travel. Jump on board our historic steam train at Castlemaine then sit back in the luxury of 1920s club and lounge carriages while sampling some of Central Victoria’s finest craft beers. Lunch at Maldon’s Kangaroo Hotel (with more beer) before returning to Castlemaine.

Fancy Hanks and Grown & Gathered Dinner

03/04 from 6.30pm @ Fancy Hanks, Melbourne. $113

Grown & Gathered will raise a pig at their farm in Central Victoria, to be prepared by Fancy Hank’s. In keeping with our zero waste and sustainable practices, the entire pig will be used, served with salads and sides, natural wines from the same farm, and a new beer from our local brewery.

Meet The Makers

01/04 from 4.30pm @ Junction Moama, Moama. $115

Rich in heritage and abundant in local produce, Junction is a gathering place celebrating the region’s finest. Meet The Makers is your chance to get up close and personal with our local producers in the picturesque Murray River towns of Echuca Moama.

The 10K Gourmet

07/04 from 7pm @ Jack Rabbit Vineyard, Bellarine. $120

Celebrating the Bellarine Peninsula’s rich and diverse bounty, every morsel of food and every drop of wine will be grown or crafted within 10k of our Jack Rabbit Vineyard. Five divine courses – from just-caught seafood to succulent lamb, local goats cheese to our cool-climate wines – the Bellarine just keeps getting better.

Best of the Beast – Offal vs Primal: Round 2

05/04 from 6.30pm @ Northern Git, Thornbury. $120

Five rounds. Ten courses. Prime cuts vs the rest. Matching wines. Round for round, which will dominate? You be the judge. Join Michael and his team for a banquet of five prime cuts and five offal dishes using – and celebrating – every part of the animal. You, our guests, will judge which dish tops the evening. Includes matched wines.

Balinese “Market Tour to Plate” Cooking Class

02/04 from 11am @ Spice Bazaar Cooking School, Seddon. $123

Starting at Footscray Market in Melbourne’s West, learn about Balinese ingredients, visiting seafood, meat, vegetable stalls and an Asian supermarket before being transported to the Spice Bazaar Cooking School. Then it’s hands on to prepare five authentic dishes before sitting down to enjoy them with Wood Park wines or Bintang.

Rootstock Sydney x MFWF

07/04 from 7pm @ The House of Food & Wine, Melbourne. $125

Rootstock Sydney is coming to Melbourne for an all-out party of natural wine, sustainable seafood, and artisan drinks. They’re thinking BIG and will be serving everything magnum-style. There will be natural wine. Things from the ocean. Wild fermented beers. Music. Magic. A touch of mayhem.

Monday Family Dinner

03/04 from 6.30pm @ The House of Food & Wine, Melbourne. $125

The most sought-after dinner invitation in Sydney is not at a three-hat restaurant, it’s Monday night at Angie Hong’s place. Hong Family Dinners are coming to our home for the night alongside Australia’s first families of hospitality. This is a rare chance to enjoy the dishes that chefs cook for the ones they love.

A Lunch in the Olive Tree Grove

31/03 from 2pm @ Rich Glen Olive Estate. $123

Enjoy a unique dining experience surrounded by 36,000 olive trees, overlooking the picturesque Murray River in sunny Yarrawonga. We’re calling it “hay bale dining”, with a tractor ride into the olive grove, and a relaxed long table lunch of local artisanal food with wines to suit.


$150 Dollarydoos And Up

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Italo Dining & Disco Club

31/05 from 7pm @ The House of Food & Wine. $150

Legendary on the Sydney-scene, Maurice Terzini (Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, and Da Orazio Pizza + Porchetta) and Giovanni Paradiso (Fratelli Paradiso, 10 William Street) are bringing their famed Italo Dining & Disco Club to Melbourne for the first time. The boys are throwing an Italian street party in homage to the hallowed culinary outpost of migrant Italian Australians – the humble suburban garage.

Estate on a Plate

02/04 from 10am @ All Saints Estate, Wahgunyah. $163

We’re celebrating the abundance of wine and food produced at All Saints Estate. Choose from one of two interactive culinary workshops – butchery or preserving – before a four-course lunch with matched wines served in our Terrace Restaurant (one chef’s hat) overlooking the vines of our historic Estate.

Neon Jungle

05/04 from 6pm @ Gingerboy, Melbourne. $168

Gingerboy is no stranger to a party, but this time it’s personal – he’s turning ten – and doing what he does best – throwing a big ol’ hawker-style bash. Crossley Street will be transformed from the laneway we all know and love into a neon jungle, taking cues from the bustling hawker markets that first inspired him over a decade ago.

Front of House All Stars Dinner

03/04 from 6.30pm @ Ladro TAP, Prahran. $175

For one night only eight of Melbourne’s top Front of House exponents treat you to the best of hospitality, presenting matching favourite dishes and wines from their restaurants. All proceeds go to fund the work of homeless charity StreetSmart.

The Duck Crawl

03/04 from 12pm @ Bamboo House, Melbourne. $183

Explore Melbourne’s famous Chinatown on The Duck Crawl, created and hosted by Roy Moorfield. Bamboo House, Tea House and Shark Fin House will each present traditional duck dishes, matched with Victorian pinot noir.

Through The Looking Glass

06/04 from 6pm @ EZARD, Melbourne

After 17 years, EZARD is entering a new phase, steered by Head Chef Jarrod Di Blasi and guided by the experienced hand of eponymous Chef-owner Teage Ezard. We’ll be revisiting the inimitable EZARD concept with a fresh set of eyes fresh heading into 2017. The menu will offer Jarrod’s interpretation of the reconstructed Asian flavours that EZARD and its namesake have become synonymous with.

Doggy Winery Tour

01, 06 & 09/04 from 8.30am @ Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne. $195

Doggy Winery Tours are the pawfect way to spend a day absorbed in food, wine and walks with your pooch. Explore the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula or Dandenong Ranges with your best friend.

Let’s Celebrate – Vive le Festival!

04/04 from 7pm @ Philippe, Melbourne. $198

Don’t miss this opportunity to dine at Collins Street’s French eatery, Philippe Restaurant. Invite your taste buds to explore refined French flavours over five courses, paired with matching Rhone-inspired wines from Tahbilk. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Legends Philippe Mouchel and Alister Purbrick guarantee to transport you straight to culinary heaven.

Bollinger & Beluga

01/04 from 3pm @ Bouvier, Brunswick East. $200

Covering the breadth of the Caspian Sea to the fertile vineyards of Champagne, this exceptional champagne tasting with The Champagne Dame will feature Maison Bollinger, paired with Beluga and other fruits of the sea, hosted at the eclectic new Bar Bouvier.


Which Melbourne Food & Wine Festival events are you heading along to? Let us know below!




  1. April 1, 2017 / 1:47 am

    Thanks for this detailed guide to the Food and Wine Festival, it’s really well done, with all the info needed, especially the price range! I’m thinking I might go for the Chinese unique dishes, because it looks like they’re is more to Chinese cuisine than chow mein!!

    • Nikita Hall
      April 1, 2017 / 10:00 am

      Thank you Carolina, I’m glad you found it useful ????
      I’m keen in that event too! I’ve been to China quite a few times, but only to 2 provinces, and I’m sure there’s a world if flavour I’m missing out on too.