• Just Chilling With Steve The Turtle In Hawai’i

    I'm writing this from our balcony overlooking the mountains of Kaua'i in Hawai'i, after having just snorkelled with turtles and been free diving for hours. Poor me :P

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    How To Snorkel – A Guide To Being A Responsible Snorkeler

    Learning how to snorkel is an amazing way to see the underwater world. But snorkelling does require some skills to make sure you and the reef remain safe - find out how to here.

    What Was 2018 For Me? A Very Exciting Year In Review

    Curious about what shenanigans I got up to in 2018? From diving in Koh Tao, Thailand, to selling all my shit and living in a van travelling through the US & Canada, to moving to Canada. 2018 for me has been a wild ride.


    The Negatives Of Long Term Travel

    You need to be okay with the negatives of long term travel before you jump in the deep end. Read my biggest negatives of long term travel to make sure you’re ready.


    15 Plastic-Free Alternatives To Replace Your Daily Use Items

    Not sure where to start in your journey to reduce your plastic use? Begin with these 15 plastic-free alternatives to replace your daily use items, and you'll be golden.

    Remember This

    There’s no point in worrying about what the future holds for you – it’s already happening. Just be kind, be logical, and live your life. The future will come.