• Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

    I love the minimalism of full-time travel, the thrill, the love. But coming back to where I’m from is always a joy, especially with what waits for me here.

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    10 Best Cafes To Work Remotely (Or Study) From In Victoria, BC

    Whether you’re a digital nomad or a student, these cafes in Victoria BC will make sure your day’s a productive one.

    Need a cafe with reliable internet, good coffee and snacks to work remotely or study from? Whether you're a digital nomad or a student, these cafes in Victoria BC will make sure your day's a productive one

    7 Of The Best Travel YouTube Channels You May Not Have Heard Of

    Instead of wading through the endless piles of digital crap, get addicted to my top 7 Travel YouTube Channels that you may not have heard of.


    Just Chilling With Steve The Turtle In Hawai’i

    I’m on our balcony overlooking the mountains of Kaua’i after having just snorkelled with turtles and been freediving for hours. Poor me.


    How To Snorkel – A Guide To Being A Responsible Snorkeler

    Learning how to snorkel is an amazing way to see the underwater world. But it does require some skills to make sure you and the reef remain safe.


    We Didn’t Know A Wild Cougar Was Stalking Us…

    Deep in the unexpectedly snowy backroads of Vancouver Island, we had our first encounter with a fully grown male cougar. And it was AWESOME.


    What Was 2018 For Me? A Very Exciting Year In Review

    Curious about what shenanigans I got up to in 2018? From diving in Koh Tao, Thailand, to selling all my shit and living in a van travelling through the US & Canada, to moving to Canada. 2018 for me has been a wild ride.