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  • Melbourne’s Best Bookstores: Our 17 Top Must Visit Stores

    With the rise of tech & seemingly endless hectic schedules, the decline of bookworms has seen our beloved bookstores copping an absolute beating, and in turn, so have the paper peddlers who lovingly traded them for oh-so-many years. Melbourne is known for being a cultural epicentre for readers, writers and…

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    The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe For 2 Weeks Holiday In Asia

    It’s winter in Australia and all you can think about is the lush palm trees, cheap cocktails and beach paradises of Asia. But once you take the leap and finally book that amazing winter vacay, rummaging through your wardrobe is horrifying; What have all your perfect little sun dresses, moped…


    A Winter Guide To Warrnambool & Port Fairy

    When you think of Victorian beach destinations, what pops into your head? Torquay? St Kilda? Lorne? Lakes Entrance? Sorrento? Phillip Island? The one that I nearly guarantee didn’t make your mental list is one that really should have; Warrnambool. And guess what; You shouldn’t reserve visiting till summer, because it is…


    Van Gogh And The Seasons at NGV International Melbourne

    Vincent Van Gogh is one of the artists. You know what I mean; One of the people who get lumped together when people think of artists. I’m talking Picasso, Monet, Dalí, Warhol, Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh… See? He just fits. But like many of the greats on this list his…


    The Lip Lab Melbourne Custom Lipstick Creation

    I don’t like wearing lipstick. There, I said it. For me, the whole process is a pain in the ass. If I’m stingy and buy a drug store/supermarket lipstick I will somehow consistently pick shades that don’t suit me, yet if I splurge and go in store to a reputable brand…


    Melbourne’s Big Vegan Market

    Although veganism has, dare I say it, entered main stream culture, it can still be challenging for both vegans and vegetarians to find suitable food & goods that align with their needs and beliefs. But lucky for you, Melbourne’s Big Vegan Market is on this weekend and it’ going to be…