Honest Beauty Blogger: Product Empties May ’17

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to my first beauty product empties post! As you may know, I scarcely use much makeup as a) I’m super lazy and b) I was blessed with relatively good skin. Thank youuuu, ancestors! So when I do reach the end of a bottle or tube of something it’s a momentous occasion, and I generally have a Viking-style funeral for each item. Joking. I normally just chuck them in the bin, but I’ve been hoarding them like a little trash monkey these last few months so I could run you through the few products I use, and why they’ve managed to stay in my extremely scarce beauty & skin care routine or why I won’t be buying them again.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Product Empties Loreal Elvive Shampoo Conditioner Review April 2017 vonkita header

I remember, way back when, I used to only use supermarket brand shampoo & conditioners and didn’t think any more of it. I had long, healthy hair and I was happy with it. Then one day on my once-every-2-yearly trip to the hairdressers my hair-chopper conned me into buying some fancy Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner and from that day for years, I spent way to fucking much money on those gorgeous smelling products without thinking twice.

It wasn’t until one fateful day, not too long ago, when I saw a slow-mo video on Instagram of Blake Lively swooshing her glorious hair in an ad for L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil shampoo & conditioner and thought that street brands were worth a try again. I have some weird respect for Blake and think that such a nice lady could never lie to me, so went out and got some.

Needless to say, I bloody loved it. The shampoo cleanses without stripping or leaving a residue, and the conditioner is extremely moisturising without being heavy or oily. I started using it in summer when my ends were dry from swimming in the ocean a lot and the roots were oily from the heat, but it did the job wonderfully. Even now, coming into winter, it’s working a treat.

I have gone through a few of these before thinking to include them in a product empties post, so please forgive me. I also bought the treatment mask & oil, but as these aren’t finished I can’t review them in this post (*whispering* they’re awesome too!). They’ll be done by my next review so stay tuned.

The Conclusion

Price: Shampoo $6.00 (250mL) & Conditioner $6.00 (250mL) from Woolworths

Would I Buy Again: Hell yeah! This is my go-to supermarket/high street shampoo and conditioner now.


SK-II Essential Power Rich Cream

Product Empties SK-II Essential Power Rich Cream Review April 2017 vonkita

Probably an odd way to start a review, but my Mum adores SK-II and that is the only reason I used this moisturiser. She accidentally bought the wrong one years ago and gave it to me when she realised, so I am unable to fully appreciate how over the top this is. It costs a quarter of a thousand dollars. WHAT. I know right?! I definitely worded that for dramatic effect but it’s true none the less.

Now, I’m really torn about this… See, I do like it. It’s my go-to moisturiser when I feel my skin needs a moisture hit, but it’s definitely not my daily moisturiser – it’s much too heavy for that. When I do wear it I have to have my hair tied back or wash my hair in the morning because it will get so oily from coming into contact with my face (so not a good sign), but at least my face feels refreshed and dewy in the morning.

I am also very dubious about SK-II’s claims about their “Secret Ingredient” Pitera™ which is apparently a “clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids”, a by-product of yeast fermentation used in making sake. It was apparently discovered after the SK-II scientists saw “aged sake brewers’ wrinkled faces contrasting their soft youthful hands”. I call bullshit on this, as I can’t find any scientific paper (done on live humans, not just cells) that proves its effectiveness.

The Conclusion

Price: A whopping $225 (50g) from SK-II

Would I Buy Again: Nope. Way too much money for a product that I can’t even use daily.


benefit The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine

Product Empties Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Benefit Review April 2017 vonkita

I only discovered benefit a few years ago, and that saddens me greatly because they’re my go-to brand for oh-so-many things now, from brow magic right through to mascara.

My main squeeze when it comes to translucent face powder is the wonderful Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, but once again I haven’t run out of that tub of wonder yet so can’t review it in this product empties post. My backup powder and perfect travel companion is the benefit The POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine shine-vanishing PRO powder (I just realised how much benefit love weird capitalisation of words…huh).

This little baby has so much going for it. The product itself is truly translucent and never looks cakey, and although I must admit I don’t notice its shine-reducing properties, I have never felt greasy wearing this. I use it to set my foundation (when I wear it) when I’m on the run, travelling or at the gym, and the reason I take the benefit powder with me instead of my Laura Mercier powder is because of kick-ass packaging. It’s just. So. Awesome. Not only is the lid tight as a tiger, but you use the lid itself as a dispersal tray and then get this, there’s a little (good quality) brush screwed into the base! It’s next level clever product packaging. You go Glen Coco!

The Conclusion

Price: $52 (7g) from benefit

Would I Buy Again: Yes. Last for ages and is a great traveller.


Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair Dry Cleaning Spray

Product Empties Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Review April 2017 vonkita

So, I have had this for years. I’m talking like… 7, maybe even 8 years? It was one of my first expensive hair care product buys, and I didn’t really know what it was when I got it. Turns out it is sort of like a precursor to dry shampoo, in that it was supposed to ‘dry clean’ your hair so you didn’t have to wash it. But it didn’t really work for it’s intended purpose.

Instead, it did work in making my hair smell fabulous, regardless of if 20-year-old me had spent all night partying and smoking and then dragged her sorry sleepless ass to work the next day, unshowered. Yes, I was a ratbag back then, but this stuff literally covered up all the smells of my sins my hair had copped from the night before and made me feel like a functioning human being. I generally coupled it with a spray of Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk and I was good to go!

The smell was divine. Think musk, but in a totally sensual way, not like the pink milk-bar musk sticks you remember from your childhood. I was devo when I heard they discontinued this, only for the reason that the smell of this product will be something I will forever remember fondly. Sigh.

The Conclusion

Price: Discontinued!

Would I Buy Again: Yup, but they don’t make the damn stuff anymore.



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  1. Felicia Anastasia Bardan
    May 3, 2017 / 2:42 pm

    I absolutely LOVE agent zero shine!! It’s my favourite! Also, your photos are lovely. How did you get such gorgeous lighting?