Review: The Riversleigh Hotel, Bairnsdale

The nature of my job means that sometimes I need to travel, and on the odd occasion that travel requires me to be on a work site in a country location at 6 am, and that’s exactly what happened this time. Uhhgggg. I needed to be on site in Bairnsdale at 6 am, hi-vis and all, for an emergency training session. And coming from Melbourne, leaving at 3 am just wasn’t an option! I needed to find somewhere to stay that night near the work site so I could be up bright and early the next day, so I jumped on to Tripadvisor and found The Riversleigh, which after having a hunt around my favourite booking websites (AKA was decently priced and very close to the work site.

The Riversleigh in Bairnsdale is a gorgeous 21 room boutique hotel consisting of three Victorian terraces built in 1886. In 1987  it was refurbished, restoring it to its full glory, and has recently undergone another renovation to make sure it’s decked out with the latest amenities, fittings & furnishings. These period homes really get me going, and I love seeing them owned by people who so clearly care about allowing the property to shine in its original glory.

Unfortunately, I got stuck in the office till late and didn’t arrive in Bairnsdale until 1 am and was COMPLETELY knackered, which was really disappointing because it looked like the sort of place I’d really enjoy spending some time in! I had called ahead advising of my extremely late (well, early, I guess) arrival, and the guy I spoke with told me that my room key would be in an electronic safe near the back door, as the hotel was un-staffed at those hours.

When I arrived at The Riversleigh  I drove straight past it, but that wasn’t their fault; I was just so tired! In the daylight (and when you’re not deliriously tired) it’s very easy to spot, I promise. I parked my car around the back and found the safe easily. After entering the code I was given earlier into the electronic keypad, voilà, there was my room key & welcome pack, including a cute welcome letter & directions to the room.

The Riversleigh Bairnsdale

I grabbed my bags and went hunting for my room, which was in the second section of the property. The room was well proportioned, with a sizeable writing desk, and the furnishings were modern yet fitted in with the classic architecture well. I was particularly impressed with the fit-out of the bathroom (the tiles were gorgeous!); I love a clean-cut yet classic bathroom. The bed was super comfy and well fitted with bedding, and the temperature of the room was spot on. I had a great sleep, and upon waking was really sad; I didn’t want to leave!

The Riversleigh Bairnsdale

In the morning I had to go straight to site, but was done by 8.30 so headed back to Riversleigh for breakfast and to check out. The dining area was big and airy, and there were at least 6 couples eating when I arrived. The spread wasn’t all that impressive, but I did rock up towards the end of the breakfast period so really, that’s fine. There were cereal and muesli, fruit & pastries, and most importantly COFFEE; really, everything you would need for a free breaky!

The Riversleigh Bairnsdale

When I checked out from The Riversleigh the guy at the front desk was really lovely. He was clearly passionate about his job, and the building itself. You don’t find many people who care about their workplace so much, and it was very refreshing to see. The checkout process was simple and fast.

Overall I really enjoyed my (extremely brief) stay here, and if I get the opportunity to come to Bairnsdale again I will most definitely stay here again.

I booked through, as I found they had by far the most competitive rates, and the booking process was very straight forward. In the past, I have had troubles booking with other sites, and if I ever see on a list of available vendors, I’ll nearly always choose them; I’ve really come to trust them.

The Riversleigh Bairnsdale

The Riversleigh Bairnsdale

Due to the super weird timing of my visit, I couldn’t get any photos of the property but I did manage to get some of the room, and this is all my sleep-deprived brain could handle. Enjoy!





Have you been to Bairnsdale? Where’s your favourite place?