30 Of The Most Entertaining Celebrities & Mortals On Snapchat

Look, I’m a pretty big fan of Snapchat, there’s no getting around that. I like making stories of my travels, adventures and crappy jokes, but ultimately I like making people laugh, so the Snapchat stories feature is my perfect partner in crime.

One of my favourite activities to do to burn time if I’m waiting at an airport, on public transport or just a bit bored somewhere is to trawl through my favourite mates & celebs Snapchat stories. They make the time fly and are oh-so entertaining, so I thought I’d share my top 30 celebrity (and mortal!) Snapchat profiles here for you to enjoy too!

If you need a hand adding contacts to Snapchat by Snapcode or user name, have a gander at my handy guide here.


The Top 14

Sahara Ray – sahararay

Sahara Ray sahararay Snapchat


Bella Thorne – bellathornedab

Bella Thorne bellathornedab Snapchat


Jenna Dewan Tatum – jennaldewan

snapchat Jenna Dewan Tatum jennaldewan


Kate Hudson – khudsnaps

Snapchat Kate Hudson khudsnaps


Reese Witherspoon – snapsbyreese

Snapchat Reese Witherspoon snapsbyreese


Hailey Baldwin – haileybisboring

snapchat Hailey Baldwin haileybisboring


Devon Windsor – devwindsor

snapchat Devon Windsor devwindsor


Bella Hadid – babybels777

snapchat Bella Hadid babybels777


Sofia Richie – srichieee



Olivia Culpo – oliviaculpo

Snapchat Olivia Culpo oliviaculpo


Meredith Hennessy – meredithhenn

Snapchat Meredith Hennessy meredithhenn


Shay Mitchell – officialshaym

snapchat Shay Mitchell officialshaym


Ashley Benson – benzo33

Snapchat Ashley Benson benzo33


Jessica Serfaty – jessicaserfaty

snapchat Jessica Serfaty jessicaserfaty


The Jokers

The majority of their snaps are at a level of humour and wittiness that us mortals can only one day hope to achieve, so for now we can just sit back and laugh.


Aunty Donna – auntydonnaboys

Aunty Donna auntydonnaboys Snapchat


Arielle Vandenberg – thearielle

snapchat Arielle Vandenberg thearielle


John Mayer – johnthekangaroo

Snapchat John Mayer johnthekangaroo


Ben Schwartz – rejectedjokes

Snapchat Ben Scwartz rejectedjokes


The Kardashian/Jenners

Any celebrity Snapchat list worth it’s weight would be amiss without the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Love them or hate them, they’re pretty darn entertaining!


Kendall Jenner – kendalljenner

snapchat Kendall Jenner kendalljenner


Kourtney Kardashian – kourtneykardash

snapchat Kourtney Kardashian kourtneykardash


Kylie Jenner – kylizzlemynizzl

snapchat Kylie Jenner ylizzlemynizzl


Khloe Kardashian – khloekardashian

snapchat Khloe Kardashian khloekardashian


Kim Kardashian – kimkardashiansnapchat Kim Kardashian kimkardashian


Stephanie Sheppard – steph_shep

Snapchat Stephanie ShepPard steph_shep


The Unicorns

They rarely post, but when they do it’s worth the wait.


Cara Delevingne – caradevilqueen

Snapchat Cara Delevingne caradevilqueen

Gigi Hadid – doublegiforce

Snapchat Gigi Hadid doublegiforce


Usher Raymond – howusnap

Snapchat Usher Raymond howusnap


Chris Pratt – chrisprattsnap

Snapchat Chris Pratt chrisprattsnap


Emily Ratajkowski – emrata

snapchat Emily Ratajkowski emrata


And last but not least… Me! velociraptorct

von kita snapchat velociraptorct