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There’s no point in worrying about what the future holds for you – it’s already happening. Just be kind, be logical, and live your life. The future will come.

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Photo Diary: Night Diving In Koh Tao (From The Surface)

    Where’s your favourite place to go night diving?  

The feeling of being underwater in the dark of night is what I imagine being in outer space would be like. Night diving is the bloody bomb diggity, and if you haven't been, then do so ASAP.

What To Do In Siem Reap & Angkor Wat In Cambodia

Cambodia has been right at the top of my travel wish list for so long now. So when I had the opportunity to go there for a few days recently I knew that the historically rich town of Siem Reap was where I’d be spending those precious hours. If you’re planning a visit and wondering what to do in Siem Reap, I highly recommend the itinerary I created below.


Melbourne’s Best Bookstores: Our 17 Top Must Visit Stores

With the rise of tech & seemingly endless hectic schedules, the decline of bookworms has seen our beloved bookstores copping an absolute beating, and in turn, so have the paper peddlers who lovingly traded them for oh-so-many years. Melbourne is known for being a cultural epicentre for readers, writers and creatives in general, yet even with this going for them the few remaining bookstores must work hard to stay relevant in an ever-changing and brutal tech world. Don’t get me wrong; I love technology! But I also love paper books and diaries, sending snail mail and browsing musty old tomes…