You know when you find a label whose pieces make you feel like a million bucks whilst still being totally effortless and chic? It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it is just such a good feeling. Uhhg, we love it! Unsurprisingly, ASSEMBLY LABEL has once again delivered the goods, and is making your Autumn a hell of a lot comfier.

ASSEMBLY LABEL’s Autumn line features stone wash denims, faded khakis and neutral whites, giving you access to all the basics you could possibly need to absolutely slay layering this season.

The women’s range features a 100% wool coat with a timeless silhouette, knits from light to chunky in both cashmere & wool, a classic leather shoulder bag alongside pants & tops, all in luxury fabrics and on-trend shapes.

The men’s range follows closely with high quality and classic pieces any guy would be proud to own, including a stonewash denim jacket, branded & plain fleeces, striped tees, fine & chunky knits and a classic-cut parka.

All photos thanks to ASSEMBLY LABEL


  • Gorgeous, comfy and casual. Love the tote bag.

  • Love that wool coat!

    • Isn’t it just awesome! Already not so subtlety hinting to my BF what he can get me for my birthday ????

  • that black tote is life!

    • I am so ridiculously in love with it!